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Staggan's Captain Pugwash & Staggan's Golden Balls
"Pugwash (R) & Beckham (L)"







Double Trouble !!

When Paris had her first litter only 3 survived out of the 4 - 
2 boys and 1 girl - The girl whom we had named Pink was to stay 
but sadly she was too poorly and we said goodbye to her at 2 weeks old...

But as we could not choose who to keep .. both Pugwash and beckham stayed!

Together they are trouble - they constantly want to play, to destroy,
to make noise ....
But when they have the freedom to run - it is something magical -
they run side by side - shoulder to shoulder - not one foot out of place...


Beckham is the brains of the two - running lead with Paris - 
he turns on the spot and Can do an impressive U-Turn when asked too...
Pugwash has a marble loose - and usually hits the spot when he is in harness
running next to Havoc - Who he Adores!!!


Neither boys where shown as pups and they still don't enjoy it -
Their sire is the impressive Tsilga at Azgard - 
He is a UK Show and working Champion -
We are very thankful to Chris barry of Azgard Siberian Huskies 
For allowing us Use her Special boy... Thank you..


Above Becks and pugs with their mum Paris - about 5 weeks old...

Becks and Pugs posing with Lyken -
our 3 home bred boys 

Date Of Birth

Siberian Husky (Dogs - Litter Brothers)

Mr M & K Hughes (Staggan)
28th October 2004
Ch. Kefeus Tigalda Tsilga at Azgard (IMP Finland)
Polarpaws Monsoon At Staggan