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Polarpaws Ontario Breeze at Staggan








Breeze is one of a kind - 
kerry had to have her - even though we wasn't planning on adding to our pack -
it was love at first sight -

Breeze decided at a young age that she didn't enjoy showing - 
and shortly after nor did she  enjoy working in harness - 
she become our resident sofa dog -
until recently - where myself and my mum have taken up backpacking with Breeze and Lyken 
and she is LOVING it!!!

She is currently in training for her WPD (working pack dog Title) Subject to AMCA rules-
she will carry 10 % of her body weight over 40 miles....

There would never be another breeze, 
she has one of those personalities you cant forget!

Which we love her dearly for!!


Date Of Birth

Alaskan Malamute (Bitch)

Mr T & Mrs L Coldham (Polarpaws)
15th September 2003
Imokam Buffalo Von Polarpaws
Arctictrek Apache Queen Von Polarpaws