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first of all we would like to thank each and everyone of our 
puppy owners - for taking such amazing care of our "grandkids"
We look forward to seeing you all more this year and catching up...

Here are some of our kids from our previous litters

Staggan's Brut - Asa -Siberian Husky (On the sofa) Paris X Havoc litter of 2010
With his Soul mate and Best friend 
Staggan's Dark Knight -
Missy - Alaskan Malamute - Noodle X Timber Litter of 2007
Loved and cherished by June & Martin Woods 

Staggans Blue Stratus (Grey) & Staggans fontainbleau (Black)
Strider- Paris X Havoc '2010 & Reva - Paris X havoc '2007
The amazing duo - No words can describe how
proud we are of these two...
Loved and cherished by Tonin & Vicky Agularia
ABSA 2011/2012 - ES CHAMPIONS!!!!!

Staggan's Femme Fatale -
Babushka - Paris X havoc '2007 &
Staggans Charlie Blue -
Sassy - Paris X Havoc '2010
The blue eyed princesses...
Loved and cherished by Emma & Val garland...


More pups to come....


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