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Danjerries Dirty Gertie at Staggan









Dirty Gertie - something different!!

Gertie was a Gift To Kerry From Martyn - Kerry had always wanted a Rottweiler , To protect the pack -
lets face it , the only thing the Mals and sibes would do is lick you to death...

Gertie's Dam, was known to play with Staggan at ringcraft as a puppy -
everyone would pull there pups away from this big goofy malamute, but Summer and Staggan
got along like a house on fire - and to be told she was due her first litter - 
something sparked and 8 weeks later "dirty Gertie" joined the team...

She Had a great start to her show career qualifying for crufts 2010 at her first show -
she hasn't been shown recently but hopefully we will bring her out again this year...

She is our resident nutcase - I personally think she's more hyper than any of our huskies -
and she makes sure you know she's there !!!

We look forward to starting agility with her this summer -
and hopefully get her along to some of our Hikes with the malamutes...

 Gertie growing up - 

Above left - Gertie Winning 2nd place at the Nationals 2009 -
above Right - Gertie , Her Mother Summer and Litter Sister JAzz...

Above - Gertie winning 1st Novice at a Rottweiler Show :)

Date Of Birth


Miss M Goodman (Danjerries)
26th August 2008
Ch. Travillion Rant N Rave JW ShCm
Danjerries platinum Sky