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Arctictrek Eagle Has Landed at Staggan










Date Of Birth

Siberian Husky (Dog)

Mrs B Stainer & Mr A Blunt (Arctictrek)
08th August 2003
Kegluneq Fist of Fury
Ch.Arctictrek Diamonte

Havoc is the most gentle and laidback Siberian you will ever meet - in doors!
But out side at a rally or show - he is noisy and lives up to his name!!

Havoc has a fantastic head - and brilliant movement -
he is our resident Wheel dog - where he just wants to pull and run - He doesn't care who's 
next to him aslong as they can keep up!

Havoc had a brilliant show career as a puppy - then he decided one day he just didn't want
todo it no more - which I think his grateful for not having to go on the grooming table
more than he has too!!! 

Havoc has been used at stud to selected bitches - which all his kids are excelling on the trails
and in the ring ... for more info on his progeny please visit our family page...

Below Left - Havoc & Staggan And Below Right - Havoc & Lyken
Our exceptional boys - 

Havoc and my niece - Katy (aged 2)
He will do anything for a cuddle with her